techniques for coating materials

the studio archinterni, in collaborazione con azienda produttrice, realizes wall and non-wall coverings, customized in colors and textures. Ferrous finishes, stony, materiche, they can be applied in a lasting and resistant way on practically any material.


copper - oro - bronze - silver - pewter - ferro

High-quality decorative coating, based on precious metals and completely non-toxic resins. The product is formulated to obtain innovative decorative finishes characterized by a unique metallic effect, il quale può essere materico a fantasia dell’applicatore o perfettamente liscio come una lamina. Il prodotto è caratterizzato da un elevato grado di lucidatura la quale permette di ottenere finiture a specchio. The colors are obtained from noble metals. METALLI che hanno segnato lo scorrere attraverso il tempo di migliaia di anni. Aurea consente la trasformazione di qualsiasi superficie in vero metallo nobile. Ad indurimento avvenuto AUREA risulta essere inattaccabile da funghi o batteri offrendo una altissima resistenza al lavaggio. It can be used as a decorative on internal and external walls and ceilings, even on difficult substrates such as furniture, counters for shops, bar etc.

Decorative line

Stucco Krok it is a white or colored thixotropic fiber-based paste based on water, added with vinyl-versatic resins, mineral fillers, carefully selected aggregates and specific additives, which guarantee a high quality product.

stucco - decorative line

Travertine it is used on any type of surface after adequate preparation of the substrate; it can be used both abroad and indoors. E’ a product composed of selected marble powders, lime and additives that allow easy processing, and excellent anchoring to the support. The Travertine it has a great breathability, also combining a remarkable resistance to alkalis and mold.

the travertive - marble powder mix

Metallic veiling

E’ a special paint suitable for obtaining veiled effects, shaded, antiqued. It is very resistant to atmospheric agents, it is water repellent and elastic; it also retains sufficient breathability to the masonry. It has a satin and velvety effect and can be applied on new and old plaster, already painted.