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#lo studio archinterni, it offers its customers, to provide a service that ranges from the personal property search through specific channels, the design of the new distribution, to finish with the decor. Our real estate advice is particularly aimed at those who wish to buy or sell a property in the city of Venice, where in this sense, we operate over 14 years. We try in every way to fulfill your dreams, finding a home you congenial and adapting with restructuring, to your needs. Important thing, the feedback that we maintain and pass on to our customers, non sono tese a voler far concludere assolutamente un acquisto o una vendita ma, first of all, provide objective data on prices and on the feasibility of a restructuring. We add further indications of professional design assumptions related to internal distribution and its furnishings, in modo da dare tutti gli strumenti necessari per una serena pianificazione dell’eventuale acquisto.

archinterni for the planning, la ristrutturazione e il relativo arredamento, è in grado di svolgere il proprio lavoro sia in Italia che all’estero. We can rely on close collaborations with companies, through their skilled workforce and our direction, They are able to interpret each project, providing to the client a final product of high quality and aesthetic value. Each decoration is executed with constructive traditional techniques, with use of first quality materials, that will make it sustainable over time. Uno degli elementi più utilizzati nelle ristrutturazioni e nelle realizzazioni di arredi, It is wood, especially the old one.

Companies qualified in the field and delle such study archinterni it makes use of, recovered from the demolition of fabbricati, all the wooden elements worthy to be machined, It cleans them through non-invasive procedures and argument not to damage the patina that the wood has acquired over the years. Finishes on request, in aggiunta al trattamento anti tarlo renderanno l’aspetto del legno adeguato ad ogni soluzione. With these materials, through the carpentry workshop, we can make furniture or floors in various sizes, with the splendor of the first coating.

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Grazie alla collaborazione con la società Solutions Property, that deals with real estate market, siamo nelle condizioni di offrire ai nostri clienti più soluzioni abitative.